US Color Glass is an innovative company located in Atlanta ,Georgia  .

and our goal is to help facilitate  new trends in interior design to create unique and innovative environment.

We are specializing  in the manufacturing in Paint coated color glass and distributing only unique decorative glass products  through our  various manufacturing sources around the world .

Please contact us for inquiry of specialty glass products you are looking for.

Our back coated glass ,XGP-Color Glass  is produced using Xtreme- Glass Paint  which is the most durable and efficient Lead -Free  glass paint among others and we are the exclusive licensed company in the United states.


Current Colored Glass Applications :

* spandrel glass            * Table Top glass

* Spa Glass walls         * Vanity Top glass

* Elevator walls           * Wardrobe glass doors

* Kitchen Backsplash   * White Boards

*Laboratory Bench       * Shower walls

* partitions                    * Accent glass walls