1. What is XGP-Color Glass?

X-treme Glass Paint – color glass is produced through a very unique color coating process.  This process involves using oil based paints and our own elite additive which allows the paint to bond to the surface of glass permanently.


  1. How are other types of opaque glass in the S. market different from ours?

There are a couple of types of glass, all of which have certain drawbacks some of which include a lack of color choice, pin holes showing in the coating, and scratching due to the soft surface, etc.  Our product is superior because our procedure allows for an even and smooth glass surface without any pinholes.

  1. What are the advantages and benefits of XGP-Color Glass?
  • it is very durable and resists fading, peeling, cracking, or bubbling.
  • our product can be cut, polished, beveled, and have holes drilled to become a finished work.
  • we offer unlimited colors:  we have several solid and metallic standard colors, but we can also produce a wide variety of custom colors.
    --NOTE:  lighter colors such as white or cream are affected by the natural greenness of glass, which occurs because of its iron content.  If a truer color is required, then either Starphire or OptiWhite glass should be used.


  1. Why can't I paint my own glass?

Our research shows that no paint manufacturer actively promotes, or for that matter, recommends that its paint be used on glass.  Glass is quite an unusual substrate to work with because of its chemical make up.  Therefore, if you paint the glass yourself, the paint will not bond permanently and will crack and peel.

  1. What are the applications of XGP-Color Glass?
  • Spandrels   Table Tops
  • Commercial Interiors   Vanity Tops
  • Spa Walls   Wardrobe Doors
  • Elevators                           Furniture
  • Laboratory Benches   White Boards
  • Partition   Kitchen Splashbacks
  • Cabinet and Refrigerator Doors   Bathroom Splashbacks


  1. What type of glass do we use?

XGP-Color Glass can be made sprayed onto any glass surface, flat or patterned.  It can be applied onto any type of glass including annealed, tempered, and laminated glass.

  1. How to install XGP-Color Glass:

To install XGP-color glass on the wall, use non-acid clear silicone or a certain type of mirror mastics, depending on the color of the glass.  (For specific details, call us for further information).


  1. How to become Licensed Dealer:

We have revolutionary technologies of glass coatings for the glass industry opening up an amazing new product opportunity for not only the glass industry itself but for architects, designers and furniture manufacturers who are looking for a new innovative and flexible glass products.  We welcome you to becoming a XGP-Color Glass licensed dealer.


  1. XGP - Coating System:

We provide XGP -Coating systems for you to paint on your own glass;
Either manual system for a small to medium size operation with minimum equipments, space and overheads, Or Auto-Spray system for a larger operation.
If you have any interests and questions, please contact Sam Lee.