In recent years, the demand for back painted  colored glass has been  growing rapidly  as an  attractive  Exterior and Interior specialty glass product.  With many years' experience,

we found that the key to the success of  color coated glass business is its ability to fulfill all the clients' various request promptly,  such as Designs ,Quotation, glass sampling, fabrications and shipping.

Our experienced  Technical support & production team  and  our unique paint coating system make all these possible to meet our clients high satisfaction.

We work with hundreds of local glass companies, Home remodeling contractors, and  we are continually building its national  network in the glass industry .

Us Color Glass cordially  invite you to become our Local partners.


Your Benefits  :

*  Refer your company  to Potential customers  in your area,

*  Partner's  discount rate

* Free sample glass supply including custom colors.

*  Right to use our advertising materials per your request.

* Fast Process for your order  which is either large or small .

*  Ship out  most of  orders within 2-3 weeks at very reasonable cost.