Glass Dry Erase board provide a modern, aesthetic appeal and long term durability.  The glass surface will never deteriorate or absorb inks or stains, not even permanent marker. Writing and erasing is so smooth and easy, everyone will love using this magnetic glass marker board and it will last virtually forever without any stain or ghost on the glass surface.

Us Color Glass is Serving the commercial interior & furniture industry,  with a wide range of clients including the corporate community, educational institutions, healthcare providers and hospitality, entertainment studios, and individual home owners.

Either large or small, Commercial or residential projects, we can help design, fabricate and install the right glass white board to exceed your needs.


Save existing board and $$ with simple steps

Step1. Clean existing surface , and apply Non-Acid Silicone adhesive

Step2. Affix color coated glass panel.

Step 3. Affix trim mold if necessary

Step 4. Clean the surface and Enjoy it.