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Kitchen Backsplash Glass

Contact US Color Glass Partners in your area :

Color glass backsplash is a very resilient and beautiful product that will last. Installation of the backsplash is simple as measuring wall and checking for bowing and 90 degree corners for ordering, then when the glass arrives affixing it to the area with non-acidic silicon as adhesive, and sealing the edges. There is no need to be messed with any other process.

Contact us and we will refer you to one of our partner glass company in your area. In case we cannot locate one for you we can work with any local glass companies for installation instruction.


D.I.Y. Projects :

Homeowners who are looking to do small project installation themselves can contact us directly for more information. Glasses are very fragile material and needs to be handled carefully, but after installed and finished properly the glass can tolerate alot of punishment. We recommend that glasses be installed by a professional glass installer.

Contact us and we will answer any questions you have.